Best solar installation system – installation Atlas of solar collector system

“< H2 > What are the precautions for the installation of solar power generation system

Precautions for installation of solar power generation system include:

1. The installation azimuth and inclination angle shall be considered for the battery panel array

2. Avoid shielding between battery panels. Including surrounding buildings (power poles, house eaves, corners, etc.)

3. Support placement stability and firmness

4. Routing distance and combiner box position. Try to keep the routing distance short and average

5. Relevant accessories shall meet the system requirements (such as terminal, wire diameter, etc.)

6. The wiring terminal shall be firm to prevent false connection or open circuit

7. The battery pole terminal shall be firm (never short circuit). Pay attention to the polarity during installation to avoid explosion and fire

8. The controller generally has corresponding power distribution protection measures. However, pay attention to prevent reverse polarity connection, short circuit and other phenomena during wiring. Avoid unnecessary trouble. Pay attention to the angle of placement and avoid rain immersion

9. For the system with inverter, the inverter shall be connected to the positive and negative poles of the battery

10. The construction site of the system must be open, and there shall be no tall buildings or other things blocking the sun at the place where the solar cell array is installed

11. The controller needs to choose a controller with low loss, good working stability and long service life. When installing, make sure whether the controller belongs to the common negative design or the common positive design, which is helpful for the connection and installation of the whole system

12. During the installation process, pay attention to the protection of electrical switches and eliminate live operation to cause unnecessary loss and trouble

13. In order to avoid affecting the whole commissioning cycle of the controller, attention should be paid to the details of the project

Install solar power systems for homes. What configuration is needed to meet household needs

According to your description. You need to install a capacity configuration of 10 kW to drive all your appliances. First, there should be a site for installing photovoltaic panels. You also need a storage device

How to install the auxiliary electric heating system in the solar water heating system

The solar water heater heats water by solar radiation, but the heat output of the solar water heater is insufficient in rainy days or winter without the sun. In order to be used 24 hours a day, an auxiliary heating system must be added. Auxiliary heating systems include oil heating, electric heating, natural gas or liquefied gas heating and boiler coal heating. No matter what kind of auxiliary heating system is adopted, solar energy should be used as the main heat source for optimal design. The auxiliary electric heating system consists of two parts. One part is the electric heating tube, which is a component that converts electric energy into heat energy; The other part is the control system, which can be divided into automatic control, manual control and semi-automatic control according to different control modes. There are two ways of electric heating: one is that the electric heating device is installed in the bathroom; In the Taisheng room, it is set separately from the solar water storage tank; The other is to insert the electric heating pipe into the middle and lower part of the water tank to heat the water above the electric heating pipe. With the I system equipped with auxiliary electric heating, in the case of insufficient solar irradiation in cloudy and rainy days, the water temperature in the solar hot water tank will also rise, but it can not meet the shower requirements. At this time, as long as the is heat is supplemented by electric heating to raise its temperature a little, it can meet the shower water temperature requirements, so as to achieve the purpose of all-weather use

What should be paid attention to when installing components in household solar power generation system

When installing components, because some components are fragile, they need to be handled with care to avoid impact. When installing batteries, controllers, inverters and other items, the positive and negative poles should be clearly separated and best solar mounting system not connected reversely to avoid affecting the use. In addition, thermal insulation measures should be taken for batteries in winter to prevent the temperature of batteries from being too low, If the temperature of the battery is too low, it will affect the normal use of the solar power generation system, and the battery room should also maintain its ventilation and dryness. The whole room should be clean, tidy and moisture-proof

How to install solar energy so that the device can obtain the best solar energy in winter and summer

Just install it in Guangdong

How to install solar energy so that the device can obtain the best solar energy in winter and summer

Just install it in Guangdong

Best solar installation system – installation Atlas of solar collector system
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